Environmental Issues Expected around Leviathan Natural Gas Exploration

Raphael Semiat, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Leviathan wells are expected to deliver natural gas at the end of 2019. The gas contains heavier molecules, that will be separated as a liquid fuel (Condensate), similar to diesel-oil on the platform, that will be located about 10 km from the shore, and expected to be transferred to the Haifa Refineries. Produced water that will arrive with the gas flow will also be separated beside chemicals that will serve to prevent generation of clathrates (gas hydrates) along the pipes. A similarity exist with the operation on Tamar platform, yet there are changes designed to reduce significantly environmental issues. The results of the effluents from Tamar platform are monitored by the Office of the Environmental Protection, yet improvement are on the way should be made on the platform.
Lack of professional knowledge associated with the quality and quantities of the different streams causes a significant fear among the citizens on the shore near the expected platform. Analyses of the available reports, presented in this lecture, will shade a better understanding on the expected situation around the Leviathan production system.

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