Advanced DSS-MBR-PACT Wastewater Treatment process for Herbicides Production Plant

Chaim Sheindorf, Waret/Wastewater Traeatment, Adama-Agan/Ept, Ashdod, Israel

ADAMA-AGAN is part of the ADAMA agricultural solution group, which is one of the worild's leading crop protection companies.  ADAMA-AGAN is specializing in the production of Herbicides and some aroma chemicals. ADAMA-AGAN production plant is located at the industrial zone of ASHDOD-Israel, at the Mediterranean sea.

As part of its production activities, the plants are producing various industrial wastewater streams, characterized by high organic and nitrogen loads , as well as high salinity levels. The combined stream flow of 650,000 m3 /year with its high contamination loads, must be treated to such a level that it can be discharged to the Mediterranean sea, conforming to strict environmental regulations, imposed by the local authorities . 

To accomplish this goal the industrial wastewater treatment program is based on a multi-barrier system including : (1) preleminary treatment at the production plants and sreams segragation, (2) Up stream pre-treatment by various physico-chemical processes, such as coagulation, flocculation, clarification, dissolved air flotation and air stripping, (3) Down stream  biological process, based on  the advanced DSS-MBR-PACT process.

The DSS-MBR-PACT (Dual Sludge System- Membrane Biological Reactor- Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment) process, is an advanced bio-phyisical technology, integrating biological processes, including nitrification and denitrification, membrane solid separation and powdered activated carbon adsorption, into one process operation unit. This advanced process was specifically developed to serve the needs of ADAMA-AGAN industrial wastewater stream, containing various organic materials with inhibitory/toxic effects on the downstream sensitive biological processes. The unique imlementation of the MBR and the PACT technologies into a dual biological process, finally resulted in a successful treatment scheme, with  the ability  to produce an effluent stream, discharged to the sea, constantly conforming to all strict environmental regulations. 

ADAMA-AGAN has the vision to constantly improving effluent discharge quality and is currently testing some AOP technologies for further removing calcitrant organic materials from its effluent.

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