AI Driven Predictive Process Optimization

Olesia Solianik, Neural Flow, MGT Liquid & Process Systems, Maalot, Israel

Neural Flow is an Israeli Industry 4.0-facing startup, which was established in MGT Liquid & Process Systems. MGT Liquid & Process Systems was established in 1969 and specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced process applications. Neural Flow deals with core process industry challenges by combining Process Engineering with Artificial Intelligence tools.
In our approach, the understanding of chemical process engineering and control are critical, and in combination with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, we bring highly beneficial insights to the process industry. Neural Flow focuses on process industry optimization, production yield increase, and operational efficiency improvement and supplies the ability to predict process behavior.

As we already know, it's all about the process, and it better to be a good one.

How can we predict and prevent the problem before the process becomes unstable?

How can we define an optimal Process Control Strategy instead of trial and error?

How can we define the optimal operational parameters according to process target?

How can we make process operations more efficient instead of being busy turning fires off?

Neural Flow allows predicting the process behavior, resulting in conclusions and operative suggestions for improving and optimizing the process in real time. In addition, the behavior of different controls in the process is predicted and adaptive process parameters are proposed accordingly. The discovery of process anomalies enables to prevent process bottle clusters, to obtain a mathematical model of the process and mathematical correlations between different process parameters.

The results of the analytic analysis and conclusions can be presented visually and are easy to understand.

Thinking about putting your process in a higher league?

Thinking about moving forward with the industry 4.0 progress?

We will be happy to get together and start your journey to the smart and efficient process industry.

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