Oral Anticoagulants in primary care from evidence to practice- our experience

Mohammed Morad, Yaski Medical Center, Clalit Health Services, Beer Sheva, Israel (morad62@gmail.com)

Our community is diverse and aging and multimorbidity is on increase. 

The introduction of new anticoagulants desreves our attention to keep our patients safe while offering them high quality care for thier health problems.

The health profile of our patients dictates to consider the issue of safety while prescribing medications for the first time, while new indication is added, when we diagnose new disease in the treated patient and when new medication is added, new operation is planned or is needed and when an acute condition is manifested. 

Our practice is very busy and the health condition of our patients is more complex than before. 

Monitoring has to be reactive and proactive and we have to calculate the risk benefit rate when a change is mandated. 

It has to be planned and the patient becomes very active and important player in the management process.

Continuity of care principles and patient safety interventions are in need to keep patients safe.

In this presentation we will focus on the history of use of anticoagulants in primary care as reflected in the Clalit Health Services policy, the educational activities offered to primary care physicians, measures taken to keep the use of these drugs safe while approval is regulated. 

As stated the indications for these medications are evolving in the last decade and the monitoring of the safety profile is changing and that puts more worload on the primary care. 

We will report the dilemmas and challenges doctors and patients face while prescribing discotinuing and deprescribing anticoagulants in daily practice of big teaching clinic.


Abstract Reference & Short Personal Biography of Presenting Author

Lecturer in family medicine, pharmacology and pathophysiology

Community Health Division

School of pharmacy

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Physician at the Risk Management Unit, Southern District, Clalit Health Services

Medical director of Yaski Medical Center for ambulatory medicine teaching

Member of the Israeli Society in patient safety and risk management

Member of ISoP, Medication Errors SIG

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