Prudenta: An innovative AI powered solution for local literature monitoring

Polina Dombure, Inpharmatis, Riga, Latvia (

Until now the mandatory local literature searching in pharmacovigilance has been performed manually. It is a huge burden on both pharmaceutical companies and drug safety professionals, taking up a lot of resource. The move from the current labour-intesive approach to an automated technology empowered solution could reduce the required resource investment up to as much as 90%, according to our research. Besides, the reduction of human error possible during the manual process and additional artificial intelligence components alerting the user to the keywords, which may indicate a serious event and finding unusual patterns are now totally possible. 

Prudenta is an innovative solution developed by the team of Inpharmatis and automating local literature search process in pharmacovigilance. We present you the results of our work and capabilities of Prudenta. Additionally, we present the results of our research on increased efficiency and cost saving, when using AI powered automation for local literature searching. 

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Dr. Dombure is a founder of Inpharmatis Group of companies, specialising in pharmacovigilance and regulatory consulting in the European Union and ex-Soviet Union Countries. She is also the originator of the idea for automation of local literature search in pharmacovigilance, an AI powered and unique tool Prudenta. 

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