Ene-type mechanistic reactions with cyclic olefins catalyzed by Zn2Bi2-sandwich type polyoxometalate and anhydrous hydrogenperoxide

SRINIVASA RAO AMANCHI, Organic Chemistry, Weizmann institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Sandwich type polyoxometalates have importance in catalytic applications due to the sandwich portion that has been identified as the key site for catalysis.1Recently there have been many developments to generate the singlet oxygen (1O2) by modification of a basic site of a compound.2 We present here the first report on a novel external base free    QxNa14-x{Zn2Bi2[ZnW9O34]2} (QZn2Bi2) sandwich polyoxometalate showing selectivity towards formation of alcohols and ketones from cyclic olefins with anhydrous hydrogen peroxide (Q+ = Tetrabutylammonium cation). The presence of lone pair on bismuth offers the unique basic site in the current system. The mechanism was further confirmed by the reaction with substituted cyclic olefins.


1.        Ronny Neumann, A M. Khenkin, and  Mazal Dahan, Angew chem, Int. Ed.

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2.          Claude Schweitzer and Reinhard Schmidt, Chem. Rev. 2003, 103, 1685.dy of your abstract here

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