Open Probe Fast GC-MS and its Recent Real Time Analysis Applications

Uri Keshet , Chemistry , Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
Alexander Fialkov, Chemistry , Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tal Alon, Chemistry , Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
Aviv Amirav, Chemistry , Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ambient desorption ionization techniques such as DART, DESI, DSA, ASAP and LDTD are gaining attention and growing use. They enable real time sample on surfaces analysis, without sample preparation, while using the MS of LC-MS systems. However, they do not share the library identification strength of Electron Ionization (EI) and the obtained mass spectra are often too complex hence require expensive HR-MS. 

We developed an Open Probe Fast GC-MS for real time analysis with separation, without sample preparation and with the low cost MS of standard GC-MS. It is based on a heated oven that is mounted on a low thermal mass ultra-fast GC which is open to room air with helium purge flow protection to prevent air penetration. Its operation is as simple as: touch the sample, insert it and get the GC-MS data in 30 s. 

Several Open Probe Fast GC-MS forensic, homeland security, medical diagnostics and other application were explored including: a) Synthetic cannabis on tobacco leaves; b) Several Cannabis flowers were analyzed for their content of active ingredients; c) Street drug heroin powder was analyzed in 30 s with all its main 6 ingredients separated and identified; d) Cocaine was analyzed on 50 Shekel bill; d) Trace TNT was analyzed on human hands; e) Four pesticides were analyzed in 40 s on tomato that was sprayed with cockroach killer; f) Cholesterol and free fatty acids were analyzed in raw human blood; g) Alprazulam was analyzed in Xanax pills. 

Open Probe Fast GC-MS provides: 

A) Library based sample identification with names and structures 

B) Ultra-fast GC separation for improved mixtures analysis

C) Uniform response is provided by EI 

D) Non-polar compounds are amenable for analysis

E) Swabs can be used to bring samples from remote surfaces

F) Low cost MS of GC-MS is used


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