A Novel Israeli GC/GCMS Device for Safety Working with H2 as a Carrier Gas Instead of he

Reuven Mery, M. Snir Technological Services Ltd, Haifa, Israel

The carrier gas in gas chromatography determines the duration of the separation (chromatogram) and its character and efficiency. It is well known that the best carrier gas in GC is hydrogen. Hydrogen gives a shorter and more qualitative chromatogram with better separations (higher resolution, and higher theoretical plates per analyte).  Hydrogen can replace helium with most of the separations (in very small numbers there are hydrogenation processes that can be detected very simply).

The biggest advantage hydrogen has on helium is cost. The cost of hydrogen is very low (about 1% of helium in cyanide consumption, and about 0.1% of helium if hydrogen generator is used). The biggest disadvantage of using hydrogen as a carrier gas is safety in the use of hydrogen. This makes the GC user prefer to work with helium.

We, a small Israeli company, have developed a perfect solution for safe and green use with hydrogen as GC carrier gas. The solution is a device that receives the hydrogen supply line and passes it to the GC in a safe manner (once there is hydrogen leakage the device stops flowing) on the one hand, and on the other hand handles perfectly and safely the huge hydrogen surpluses that leave the split line.


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