Exposing the Illegal Side of Synthetic Drugs - Methods and Substances

Ayelet Ofarim, Arad-Ophir, CAS, Ramat Hasharon, Israel (support@arad-ophir.co.il)

Synthetic drugs are trying to mimic the natural drugs effect. The producers would modify a currently illegal molecule, falling under the drug abuse acts, so that it will not be considered illegal for sale in kiosks, as bath salts, detergents or any other way.

The problem is that synthetic drugs often do not fit neatly into one class of drugs for several reasons, including that their precise chemical makeups are often unknown, and their chemical effects on individuals can be both unpredictable and replicative of more than one class of drugs.

How can we find analytical methods to prove a chemical’s actual identity and bring it to court? Searching for analytical methods for synthetic drugs in MethodsNow gave a fully specified protocol, list of equipments, conditions etc of hundreds of validated analytical methods.

This presentation will guide you through the story of illegal synthetic drugs and will get you familiar with a new one-of-a-kind tool for searching and comparing analytical methods –  MethodsNow.


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