Gas Sensing Based on Carbon Nanostructures

Raz Jelinek, ben gurion university, beer sheva, israel (

Development of broad-based, readily-implemented, sensitive, and selective gas and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) sensors is a significant challenge in environmental monitoring.  We describe new types of gas sensors comprising innovative carbon nanomaterials, specifically nano-porous graphene oxide (pGO) and carbon-dots.  In both cases we designed composite systems providing significant accessible surface area for adsorption of gas molecules.  In particular, we show that excellent sensitivity, selectivity, and dynamic range can be accomplished. 


- “In-situ synthesized Carbon-Dot-Aerogel Sensor for Aromatic Volatile Organic Compounds”, Susmita Dolai, Susanta Bhunia, Raz Jelinek, Sensors and Actuators B. Chemical, 2017, 241, 607-613.

- “Porous graphene oxide chemi-capacitor vapor sensor array”, Nagappa Teradal, Ahiud Morag, Sharon Marx, Raz Jelinek, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, 5, 1128-1135.

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