Improved Method for the Analysis of 31 Drugs of Abuse/Pain Management in Oral Fluid Samples Using the Thomson Extreme Filter Vials by LC-MS/MS

Crystal Xander, Health Network Laboratories, USA
Nadine Koenig, Health Network Laboratories, USA
Melanie Stauffer, Health Network Laboratories, USA
Dean Fritch, OraSure Technologies, USA
Sam Ellis, Thomson Instrument Company, USA
Lisa Wanders, Thomson Instrument Company, USA
Yair Shachar, Yair Technologies, Israel

The goal of this study was to improve the sample preparation for the analysis of drugs of abuse in oral fluids.  Oral fluid samples were collected with Intercept® i2he™ Oral Fluid Collection Devices. The samples were prepared using eXtreme|FV®, followed by LC/MS/MS analysis. The most critical aspects of reliable analysis are the reduction of interferences from the sample matrix and analyte recovery. Traditionally, SPE, SLE and centrifugation have been used to reduce matrix interference. These techniques are time consuming, adversely impact recovery, use large amounts of solvent and are expensive. The improved method allows for the analysis of 31 drugs.

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