Intra-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Testing of Standard Pipettes-ISO/IWC 17025:2005 Requirement

Amos Freud, D.S.Bioanalytics, Lehavim, Israel
Dani Shahar, D.s.bioanalytics, Lehavim, Israel

EnD.S. Bioanalytics LTD was established as a service and calibration laboratory.  This calibration laboratory is accredited for the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation INC (PJLA) for various activities such as Chemical, Dimensional, Electrical, Mass, Force and Weighing devices as well as Mechanical and Thermodynamic calibration. In order to meet the requirements of conformance to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard, D. S. Bioanalytics, participates in an international inter-laboratory Proficiency Testing (PT) schedule along with an intra-laboratory PT on site.

Normalized error is a statistical evaluation used to compare proficiency testing results where the uncertainty in the measurement results is included. Typically, it is the first evaluation used to determine conformance or non-conformance in proficiency testing.

We hereby present the data found for intra-laboratory comparison and proficiency testing over the period of January-August 2017

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