Metal Content of Commercialized Nori Seaweeds

Offer Zeiri, NRCN, Beer Sheva, Israel
Nadav Learner, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel

Metal content of food has been a long time concern due to the hazardous effect several metals have on human health. Seaweeds in particular are of intrest, as studies have already found high metal content in several types of edible seaweeds.(1) This work examined the metal content of four commercially available Nori seaweeds, used for Sushi preparation. 

The seaweeds were first scanned using an energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence instrument for identification of metals present. The seaweeds were then microwave digested, and exmined using inductivelt coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy. Results for twelve metals are presented, including arsenic, which was found to be about 4-5 times higher than the value premitted by the Israeli ministry of health.

1. V. Besada et al, Heavy metals in edible seaweeds commercialized for human consumption, Journal of Marine systems, 75, 2009, 305-313

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