MicroScale Thermophoresis and Nano Differential Scanning Fluorimetry: Using Low-Volume Rapid Innovative Technologies to Accelerate Research in Protein Characterization, Binding Affinity and Stability

Matthias Molnar, NanoTemper Technologies, Munich, Germany

By combining two breakthrough technologies, with user-centric design, scientists in basic and pharmaceutical research are able to get better results faster.

Using MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) affinities for all kind of interactions are quantified in minutes using a few µl of sample. In addition, the unique properties of MST technology can help identify unique hits which are not detected by orthogonal methods and moreover can discriminate true hits from aggregating or denaturing compounds. Large compound libraries can be easily screened in a fully automated fashion with unprecedented speed to robustly detect true binding events while ruling out potential false positives.

Predicting biologics stability can be easily achieved using an advanced approach to nano Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (nanoDSF) specifically tailored for thermal and chemical unfolding characterization of proteins. This label-free technology requires only a fraction of sample and time compared to conventional methods, and can be easily integrated into virtually every step of the biologics development workflows. By using this combinatorial approach, we can robustly predict the long-term stability of biologics, streamlining the development process and consequently leading to a reduced time to market.

Short Biography of Presenting Author

Dr. Matthias Molnar studied Biology at the University of OIdenburg (Germany) with focus on Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Neurobiology. After graduation, he moved on to Regensburg (Germany) for his PhD project at the Department of Molecular Pathology. He investigated the transport, processing and function of an important protein in melanoma development and metastasis using a broad range of biochemical and biomolecular techniques. In the beginning of 2014 he joined NanoTemper Technologies as Application Specialist with profound knowledge in MST as well as nanoDSF technology.

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