Reference Materials of Isotopic Composition for Implementation of Isotopic Dilution Mass Spectrometry

Olga Kremleva, RM State Service Department, UNIIM, Ekaterinburg, Russia (
Tatiana Tabachnikova, RM State Service Department, UNIIM, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Isotopic dilution mass spectrometry is recognized by Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance (CCQM) as a method, which may be considered a primary measurement method

The method of isotopic dilution mass spectrometry has a number of advantages over other analytical methods, but, despite of the advantages, it has some significant limitations, among which mention should be made of the lack of the necessary range of reference materials of stable isotope-enriched materials, used as “tracer” for implementation of the method. Isotope-enriched materials are rather expensive, especially those, in which ratios are strongly altered relative to natural mixture of isotopes (each fraction of atomic percent increases the cost of material). Hence the application of isotopic dilution method is of low prevalence. Very small group of reference laboratories in different countries applies this method as a referee method. Thus, the priority task in the development of isotopic dilution method in isotopic dilution mass spectrometry is the development and production of the range of reference materials of isotopic composition of elements.

Three aspects of ongoing research provided the subject of this contribution

  • capabilities of modern quadrupole mass spectrometers in the measurements of isotopic composition of elements
  • creation of reference materials of stable isotope-enriched materials
  • some capabilities of isotopic dilution mass spectrometry using produced reference materials.

Short Biography of Presenting Author

Olga Kremleva
In 1999 O. Kremleva graduated from the Ural State University, Department of Chemistry. Until 2011 she worked in testing laboratories in the field of metallurgy, sanitation and epidemiology, and life quality. She has worked in Ural Research Institute for Metrology since 2011. She is currently Head of State Service of Reference Materials.
O. Kremleva is:
- ISO/REMCO expert;
- member of ISO/REMCO AHG4 (“Purity RMs for small organic molecules”);
- member of ISO/REMCO AHG5 (“Recent advancements in the assessment of homogeneity and stability for reference materials”);
- ISO/REMCO liaison representative for OIML;
- Deputy Chairman of COOMET TC 1.12 “Reference Materials”;
- Deputy Head of the RM Working Group of the Scientific and Technical Commission on Metrology of the Interstate Council;
- Deputy Chief Editor and reviewer of the journal “Reference Materials”.

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