Syqe Medical: Achieving a Metered Cannabis Inhalation

Tal Lupo, R&D, Syqe Medical, Tel Aviv- Jaffa, Israel

Syqe Medical aspires to transform cannabis and other botanicals into mainstream medical drugs.

This lecture will focus on the challenges we faced during the research and development process of establishing the first pharmaceutical grade quantified cannabis inhalation.

These aspects will be demonstrated through analytical chromatography and other measurable aspects of our novel metered dose inhaler.

Short Biography of Presenting Author

My name is Tal Lupo, an M.Sc graduate from th Weizmann Institute and B.Sc from The Ruppin Academic center.

I joined Syqe Medical team 3 years ago to work as an Analyst and Biologist in our R&D lab.

Since I joined Syqe I was involved in different apects of our product development such as raw material and product specifications as well as Clinical studies and regulation.

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