The Latest Developments and Technologies in Cannabis Extraction, Cannabinoids Separation and Encapsulation

Emanuel Stanciu, Dr. Golik Scientific Solutions, Tel-Aviv, Israel (

In this talk we will present the latest developments made in technologies such as Extraction, Chromatography and Encapsulation of Cannabis.

These developments are in-line with the latest requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry regulation to enable growers and producers to be consistent, efficient, eco-friendly and profitable.

Short Biography of Presenting Author

Mr. Emanuel Stanciu
Sales & Application Manager
Organic Chemistry Department
Dr. Golik Scientific Solutions

Emanuel has Organic Chemistry background with extensive experience in the field of botanical and cannabis industry.
Emanuel Stanciu
B.Sc. at Ariel University in nutrition 2005-2008M.Sc. at Bar Ilan University in Biochemistry 2008-2010
Works at Dr. Golik scientific solution for 4 years.

Specialized in:

  • Extractions
    • CO2 super critical extractions
    • Pressurized solvent extraction
  • Drying processes:
    • Freeze drying
    • Spray drying
  • Chromatography separations
    • Encapsulation
    • Micro encapsulation
    • Bead encapsulation
    • Core & shell encapsulation
  • Organic chemistry related application   

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