Time and Cost Effective Methods for Reducing Background Noise and Signal Suppression in Problem Matrices for Residue Analysis by LC-MS/MS

Joseph Kolb, Merieux Nutrisciences, USA
Ariana Ramdin, Merieux Nutrisciences, USA
Ryan Undeen, Merieux Nutrisciences, USA
Sam Ellis, Thomson Instrument Company, USA
Lisa Wanders, Thomson Instrument Company, USA
Yair Shachar, Yair Technologies, Israel

Several clean-up methods are compared for background reduction, analyte recovery, and cost effectiveness in order to successfully analyze a wide variety of multiclass multiresidues in difficult matrices including: Citrus, Dried Habanero Peppers and Tobacco.  An ISO accredited QuEChERS method, as well as a dilute and shoot approach are analyzed in conjunction with different filtration techniques for  residue analysis by LC-MS/MS for minimal number of steps, speed, reduced reagent use and reduced cost.

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