TOC by Wet Chemical Oxidation Meets Total Nitrogen and Phosphorus Determination in a Single Instrument

Rene Nowka, Elementar GmbH, Langenselbold, Germany (
Fabian Alt, Elementar Gmbh, Langenselbold, Germany

This work describes a new modular and highly versatile system platform for the determination of total organic carbon in liquid and solid samples as well as the determination of (TOC) total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus.

The TOC module based on a chemical oxidation process supported by high energy UV radiation. The combination asures complete digestion of all organic compounds. The modular concept allows the attachment of optional extra modules for the additional determination of total nitrogen and total phosphorus from one sample aliquote based on photometric detection.

For increase of sample throughput an autosampler can be added to the analyzer.

Furthermore, a combustion furnace for solid samples can be added as well. The dynamic heater design allows TOC determination of solid samples via acidification prior to combustion at constant temperature, but also the determination of TOC, TIC and ROC with the new, more advanced method via temperature ramping without sample acidification.

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