Fast, Simple and Ultra-Sensitive Determination of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) in Water Samples As Per European Directives Using the Bruker EVOQ™ GC-MS/MS Triple Quadrupole System with Bruker µDROP™ Method

Gordon van 't Slot, Bruker Daltonik GmbH , Bremen, Germany (
Javier López, Applications Development Laboratory Bruker Daltonics, Madrid, Spain
Miguel Ángel Pérez, Applications Development Laboratory Bruker Daltonics, Madrid, Spain

Bruker µDROP™ is a high-throughput, fast, reliable, ultra-sensible and cost effective methodology for semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) analysis in water samples by Bruker EVOQ™ gas chromatography (GC) triple quadrupole (TQ) system.

Bruker µDROP™ is a complete solution from water pollutants extraction to reporting of results. This one-injection analysis is carried out according tight international regulations (2013/39/EU; 98/83/EC and 2015/1787/EU) and under high quality requirements (ISO 17025). Thus, method has been validated in different water matrix as: tap water, surface and sea waters (among others) in the measuring of the priority SVOCs pollutants required by several legal regulations.

Bruker µDROP™ solution provides a high sensitive analytical approach achieving sub-ppt (ng/L) of limits of quantitation (LOQ), high linearity, precision and accuracy in agreement with the effective legislation.

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