Sum Parameters & Organic Elemental Analysis � Effective Strategies for the Determination of TOC/TC,TIC, S, N, Cl and AOX in Industrial and Environmental Applications

Stefan Jezierski, Analytik Jena / ISI, Jena, Germany (

Today's analysis centers face high regulatory and financial pressures. International and national regulations set high standards for the laboratories and - especially in industry and contract labs -  analysis has to be fast, compliant and affordable in order to keep a competitive pricing for final products and services offered. Additionally, complex sample matrices (e.g. highly saline, particle containing, highly viscose, ultra-trace contents,...) make even routine analysis difficult and the amount of samples that have to be processed in the same amount of time has increased steadily over the last years while number of operators often has decreased reversely. Analysis solutions have to address these points. The versatile and application-optimized analysis systems of Analytik Jena offer intelligent solutions for high throughput routine applications in environmental protection, industrial process and quality control as well as a wide variety of special application strategies for challenging matrices like in R&D and waste management.



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