We All Inhale and Not Only Asthmatics: Recycling Inhalers

Tagrid Morad, Department Of English And American Studies, Masaryk University, Beer-Sheva, Israel (

Thirty inhalers of versatile shape technique and medicine are used today in Israel. Most are produced abroad. Scarce studies on recycling these devices show that inhaler waste pose at least four types of risk: some medicine may remain after disposal, container may explode, electronic chips are thrown, and gases released to the atmosphere. The public and health professionals are rarely aware of that. Recent initiatives of manufacturers try to deal with this harm by increasing awareness, developing recycling techniques and focusing on design and analysis of safety. I review the literature, the approval of inhalers and the policy of inhaler disposal in Israel. All leaflets on the different types of inhalers used in Israel in 2019 were read and specific focus was given on the contents of the container, on the technique used and specifics given by manufacturers regarding safety of disposal of the container. Three categories of inhalers are used in Israel: MDI, DPI and SMI. Under MDI I found eight medicines, under DPI seven medicines as Diskus, four of the DPI’s were Turbohalers, and two were Genuair. The rest were Aerolizer (2), Breezehaler (3) and Handihaler (1). Among the SMI’s I found three medicines in Respimat containers. Information was rarely offered by the leaflet in Hebrew while more explanation was given by the English product monograph. No study was found on the disposal of expired nor used inhalers in Israel. I could not find specific information on websites dealing with recycling regarding inhalers disposal except one newspaper report on the risk of old inhalers. Occasionally the approval of the inhaler process included specific details on risks and disposal of expired or used inhalers. Regarding regulations from the Ministry of Health and the Health Maintenance Organization there were few mentions of inhaler disposal safety.   

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I am a medical writer devoted to the interest of public health. Safe environment can save lives and money. As a teacher, researcher, manager and medical writer I believe you can make it when you will know, act and express your concern of accumulating unused and expired medications. Getting rid of drugs waste can be challenging, I am here to give you the information you need to handle this properly. It is for me a first priority to channel the right word to the public. The message should reach its address to make an impact.  

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