Start-UPS using Analytical Chemistry: From Inception to Product Development to Market

Edan Razinovsky, Respiration Scan, Houston, United States (EDAN@respirationscan.com)

The idea for my talk is to discuss the hardships and strategy from taking ideas and research in analytical chemistry and turn them into viable products. We have been researching and talking about VOCs since the 80's yet we don’t have the number of products on the market needed to ID them. why is that? why have we not been able to use Analytical chem machines and turn them into products used in industry on a large scale? 

The answer is the complexity of the industry, machines, and our lack of ability to create "push button" solutions. this concept of push button solutions comes into play in today’s world with the ability for us to use machine learning and AI to assist us in analyzing outputs on a massive scale. 

If any further clarification is needed, please let me know. 

Short Biography of Presenting Author

Edan has been in the health innovation field for the past 15 years bringing two companies to commercialization; prior to which Edan was involved in phase 1 first in human studies at Teva Pharmaceuticals. Edan is an experienced executive focused on bringing innovation to the healthcare system and improving clinical outcomes for patients and reducing the total cost of care.

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