Meet the Regulator: A special session for the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Industry

In honor of the late Dr. Karen Russso from USP


Questions and Answers
with Dr. Ori Lerman and Dr. Horacio Pappa


Elemental impurities:
Implementation of chapters <232>, <233> and <2232>

Dr. Horacio Pappa



Dr. Pappa has been with USP since 2003. He hold the position of Principal Scientific Liaison at the Documentary Standard Division of the USP. He is the scientific liaison to the Expert Committees on Physical Analysis, Chemical Analysis and Statistics. Horacio earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires. He has authored many publications and peer-reviewed articles and is a frequent speaker and instructor on topics related to Chromatography and Validation. Prior to joining USP, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry in QA/QC. Horacio held the position of assistant professor of Quality Control in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Buenos Aires University, and Executive Secretary of the Argentine Pharmacopeia in the period 1997-2001. He is a Quality Engineer certified by the American Society for Quality.