Scientific Program - Second day – January 9, 2014


08:00-09:15 Registration
Plenary session:
Advances in Instrumental Residue Analysis
Hans Mol
Natural Toxins and Pesticides, RIKILT - Wageningen UR, Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen, Netherlands
Chair: Aviv Amirav
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break, Posters & Vendors Exhibition
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Session G:

Chair: Israel Schechter
Session H:
Meet the Regulator

Chair: Raphy Bar

Session I: 
Food Safety and Plant Sciences

Chair: Paulina Goldshlag
Special Session:
New Frontiers in Protein & Peptide Applied Analysis
Chair: Seth Cohen
Keynote Lecture:
ICP-MS for Detection, Quantitation, Size and Size Distribution of Engineered Nanoparticles in Food, Cosmetics and Environmental Samples
Riccardo Magarini et. al
Environmental Health, PerkinElmer, Monza, Italy
Keynote Lecture:

Elemental impurities: Implementation of chapters <232>, <233> and <2232>
Horacio Pappa

Principal Scientist at U. S. Pharmacopeia


Search for Hidden Organic Impurities Potentially Present in Generic Drugs
Ori Lerman
Institute for Standardization and Control of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel

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In honor of the late Dr. Karen Russso from USP


Questions and Answers
with Dr. Ori Lerman and Dr. Horacio Pappa




Keynote Lecture:
Residues in Products of Animal Origin -

Multi-Residue Methods in the Age of Lc/Ms/Ms
Stefan Soback

Ministry of Agriculture, Kimron Veterinary Institute, Veterinary Services, Beit Dagan, Israel
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Homogeneous (Non-Wash) Immunoassays to Improve the Biotherapeutics Workflow
Roger Bosse

Global Senior Product Leader, PerkinElmer Inc.

11:00-11:20 ICP – SFMS, One Level above ICPMS
Douglas Baxter
Quality Manager, ALS Scandinavia, Lulea, Sweden
Determination of Pesticide Residues in Green Tea-EUPT-T01 and Survey in Real Sample
Paulina Goldshlag et. al
Plant Protection and Inspection Services, Bet Dagan, Israel
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Role of Glycosylation in Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing
Ruth Ben Yakar

CEO, Procognia
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11:20-11:40 The UMS: A new tool for Multi-angle UV-Vis/NIR Reflectance, Transmittance and Absorptance Measurements
Jan Wuelfken et. al
CAG, Agilent Technologies, Waldbronn, Germany
Pesticides Analysis in Olive Oil
Gilad Tamir
Bactochem, Ness Ziona, Israel
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Quantitative Proteomics: Analysis of Protein Expression and Post Translational Modifications
Yishai Levin    
Head of the de Botton Institute for Protein Profiling, The Nancy and Stephen Grand, Israel National Center for Personalised Medicine, Weizmann Institute of Science
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11:40-12:00 The Efficiency of NIR Technology in Process Optimization
Ronny McMurray et. al
R&D, Modcon-Systems Ltd, Acco, Israel
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Fast GCMS/MS Analysis of Pesticides (QuEChERS) using Rapid Full Scan/MRM Switching Modes
Rebecca Kelting
Shimadzu Europa GmbH, Duisburg, Germany

Low Endotoxin Recovery in Biologics; A New FDA Perspective for Validation of IPC and Release Bacterial Endotoxin Testing
Mark Kessler

Executive Director Quality Assurance, Teva Pharmaceuticals
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12:00-12:20 ATR Imaging of Pharmaceutical Tablets
Stefano Pera
PerkinElmer Italia SpA, Monza Brianza, Italy
Modular, Universal Photoluminescence Spectrometer - From Quantum Dots to Food Science
Aleksander Siemiarczuk
PTI-NJ, London, Canada
Human Proteins Expressed in Human Cells - Superior Performance and Authentic PTMs
Nadav Askari

Protein Biology (R&D) Department Head, Sigma-Aldrich Israel
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Particle Analysis Using Dark Beam Sensor
Joseph Shamir
Particles Monitoring Technologies Ltd., Haifa, Israel
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Applying the High Efficiency, and Unique Selectivity of Super Critical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)-MS; in Plant Metabolic Profiling (Nonpolar Metabolites)
Sergey Malitsky
Plant Science, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
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Application of High Throughput Microfluidic Protein and N-Glycan Analytics in a Biotherapeutic Environment
Dr. Seth Cohen

Senior Director, Discovery Applications, Life Sciences and Technology, PerkinElmer Inc.
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break, Posters & Vendors Exhibition
13:45-14:00 Annual meeting of the IACS
14:00-14:15 teva80Best Poster Award and Best Service Provider Award
Best Teva Graduate Students’ Scholarship will be awarded to Adva Cohen

Development of Novel Chiral Stationary Phases, Based on Chiral Macrocycles
Adva Cohen
Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Plenary session:
Analytical Approaches in Alzheimer's Disease Drug Discovery
Vincenza Andrisano
Department for Life Quality Studies, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Chair: Vladimir Ioffe
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break, Posters & Vendors Exhibition
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  Session J:
Chair: Igal Gozlan
Session K:
Metrology and Informatics
Chair: Ilya Kuselman
Session L:
Water & Environment

Chair: Ovadia Lev
Keynote Lecture:
Monolithic Silica Versus Core Shell Materials in HPLC - which one is Better?
Egidijus Machtejevas

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Keynote Lecture:
Scenarios of Human Errors and their Quantification in Multi-Residue Analysis of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

Ilya Kuselman et. al
National Physical Laboratory of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel
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Keynote Lecture:
Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (GCxGC) – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry: A Powerful Tool for Finding and Quantifying Historical and Emerging Environmental Contaminants in Water

Jack Cochran et. al
Restek, Bellefonte, USA

16:00-16:20 The Chromatographic Peak Shape in Gradient HPLC
Eli Grushka et. al
The Hebrew University, Israel
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The Big Data Approach to Analytical Chemistry
Joseph Dubrovkin
Western Galilee College, Israel
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The Quest for Small, Sensitive, Portable
Arrayed Biosensors for Continuous Monitoring

Levi Gheber
Dept. Biotechnology Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel
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16:20-16:40 Optimizing Liquid Chromatography Performance: Tips for Sample and Mobile Phase Preparation
Vivek Joshi

Merck Millipore, Danvers, MA, USA
Understanding and Successfully Applying the QbD Approaches in the ICH Q8(R2) Guidance to LC Method Development
Richard Verseput
S-Matrix, Eureka, USA
Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis for Tracing Organic Pollutants in the Environment
Faina Gelman
Geological Survey of Israel

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16:40-17:00 Can Size Exclusion Chromatography be Done on Sub 3μm Particles? 
Elana Gazal et. al
Waters (TC) Israel
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USP Chapters 41 and 1251 on Balances –Preparation for Compliance
Gidi Wilenski et. al
Agentek (1987) Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
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Isotope determination of halogens by Ion Chromatography coupled with Multicollector ICPMS
Yevgeni Zakon
Geological Survey of Israel
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A Novel Self Referenced Optical Activity Detector (SROD) for HPLC Applications with a very High Resolution and Unique Capability to Eliminate Refractive - Index Artifacts
Doron Goldberg
Mellitor Ltd., Katzrin, and Faculty of Science and Technology, Tel Hai academic college, and MIGAL, Kiryat Shmona, Israel
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Catalytic Degradation of Brominated Flame Retardants by Copper Oxide Nanoparticles
Yinon Yecheskel
Earth and Planetary Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
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