Day 2 - 11 June 2014

8:00 - 9:30 Registration
09:30 - 10:10
Plenary Session:
Benjamin Dekel
Atala photoRegenerative Medicine: Current Concepts and Changing Trends
Dr. Anthony Atala, MD
Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
10:10 - 10:40 Coffee Break
  Hall A - Rayman Central Hall B - Rayman West Hall C - Rayman East
10:40 - 12:20  MG 0920Session F:
Stem Cells in Drug Screening and Discovery

Chair: Dr. Arik Hasson
Co-Chair: Dr. Yaakov Nahmias

Daniel OffenSession G:
Cell Therapy in CNS Diseases

Chair: Prof. Dani Offen
ferberSession H:
Cell Therapy in Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases

Chair: Prof. Sarah Ferber
10:40 - 11:00  
Keynote Lectures

Human Stem Cells in Disease Modeling and Drug Screening
Prof. Nissim Benvenisty
Stem Cell Unit, Genetics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
Preserving Vision Using Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells
Prof. Benjamin Reubinoff
OB/GYN Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Introduction of a New Isolation Method for Clonal Mesenchymal Stem Cells and lleviation of Acute Pancreatitis by Human Clonal Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Animal Models
Prof. Sun Song
Translational Research Center, Inha University School of Medicine, Incheon, Korea
11:00 - 11:20 Post-Partum Microbial-Derived Cues Drive Hepatic Maturation Of Embryonic Stem Cells In Vitro: Applications In Predictive Toxicology
Dr. Yaakov Nahmias
Bioengineering, Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, Mevaseret Zion, Israel
Clinical Trials with Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Secreting Neurotrophic Factors (MSC-NTF) in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Dr. Yael Gothelf
BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, Petach Tikva, Israel
Autologous Cell Replacement Therapy for Diabetics by Reprogramming Adult Tissues
Prof. Sarah Ferber
Orgenesis/Sheba Medical Center

Serum-Free Media Development & Optimization: From a Medical Media Manufacturer’s Perspective
Kim Ly
Irvine Scientific, USA
11:20 - 11:40 Embryonic Stem Cells for Screening Applications: from Drugs to Basic Biology
Prof. Eran Meshorer
Department of Genetics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Adult Human Oral Mucosa Stem Cells as Therapeutic Agents for Parkinson’s Disease
Dr. Javier Ganz
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Nature Derived Biomaterials as Platform for Cell Based Delivery and Therapy
Prof. Marcelle Machluf
Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel
11:40 - 12:00 Drug Screening Assays Using Oligodendrocyte Progenitors Cells Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Dr. Michal Izrael
Kadimastem, Nes-Ziona, Israel
In-Vitro Neural Differentiation of Fragile X Syndrome Human Embryonic Stem Cells as a Valuable Model for Drug Screening
Michael Telias

Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

The Developmental Potential of IPSCS Is Greatly Influenced by the Selection of the Reprogramming Factors
Dr. Yossi Buganim
Developmental Biology and Cancer Research, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
12:00 - 12:20 Patient Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes for Drug Development and Screening for Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular  Tachycardia (CPVT)
Lili Barad
Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa, Israel
Preclinical Stem Cells Studies: Administration and Distribution Considerations in Relation to Efficacy Timelines
Prof. Ronnie Levy
Pharmaseed, Ness Ziona, Israel

Bio-Artificial Pancreas – Regulatory Challenges (an ATMP/device combination product)
Rivka Zaibel
ADRES, Rehovot, Israel

12:20 - 12:45
Plenary Session:
Ella Naparstek
RPG Photo currentAre Hematopoietic Stem Cells Really Stem Cells? 
Dr. Robert Gale
Department of Medicine, Imperial College London, London, UK
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - 14:40
Plenary Session:
Prof. Joseph
Itskovitz- Eldor
Photo Silviu Itescu MesoblastRigorous Translation of Stem Cell Science to Clinical Reality
Prof. Silviu Itescu
Chief Executive, Mesoblast, Australia
14:40 - 15:10 Coffee Break
  Hall A - Rayman Central Hall B - Rayman West 
15:10 - 16:30 Amos Passport picture HaaretzSession I:
Combination Products: Cells, Genes and Devices
Chair: Prof. Amos Panet
Eyal GurSession J:
Reconstructive Surgery and Adipose Tissue
Chair: Prof. Eyal Gur
15:10 - 15:30
Keynote Lectures
Adenoviral Vectors as Gene Carriers for Ex Vivo Gene Therapy - a Case Study for Fast and Efficient Bone Repair Using Adenovirus Vectors Expressing BMPs
Carl J. Christel
Sirion Biotech GmbH, Martinsried, Germany
Mesenchymal Stem Cells – from Cosmetic Treatments to Composite Tissue Allotransplantation
Prof. Eyal Gur
Plastic Surgery Department of The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
15:30 - 15:50 Biopump: A Novel Platform for Controlled and Sustained Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins- From Concept to the Clinic
Dr. Reem Miari
R&D, Medgenics Medical, Misgav, Israel
Inhibition of Composite Tissue Allograft Rejection by Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (ASCs): Intragraft Administration as a Way to Improve the in vivo Bioavailability of ASCs
Dr. Nir Shani
The Laboratory of Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery, The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel
15:50 - 16:10 RNAi-Based Medicine for Solid Tumors: Clinical Evidences from Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Dr. Amotz Shemi
Silenseed, Jerusalem, Israel
Some Thoughts and Considerations on Stem Cell Therapy
Prof. Avinoam Kadouri
Rainbow Biotechnologies, Switzerland
16:10 - 16:30 Development of Oncolytic Viruses Against Solid Tumors
Prof. Amos Panet
Biochemistry, IMRIC, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel 
Reconstruction of Complicated Defects of the Abdominal Wall Using Engineered Vascularized Tissues
Dr. Dana Egozi
Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery, Kaplan , Rehovot, Israel
16:30 - 16:50   Fat and Enhanced Fat Grafting in Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast
Prof. Michael Scheflan
Tel Aviv, Israel
16:50 – 17:00

Closing remarks

IMGP0280smDr. Avi Treves
Sheba Medical Center,
Chairman, Israstem 2014, Israel

Naparstek Prof. Ella Naparstek
Tel Aviv Medical Center,
Co-Chairman, Israstem 2014,
Prof  Itskovitz Joseph passport photo recentProf. Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor
Faculty of Medicine Technion, Israel
Co-Chairman, Israstem 2014,


 This program is subject to change

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<td colspan="3" bgcolor="#D3DEDF" valign="top">Registration</td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">09:30 - 10:10<br />Plenary Session:<br /><strong>Chair: <br />Avi Treves</strong></td>
<td colspan="3" bgcolor="#FFF0D2" valign="top"><img style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="Caplan 2012" src="/images/Caplan_2012.jpg" height="75" width="61" /><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/adultmscsth_Arnold_Caplan.pdf" target="_blank">Adult MSCs: The New Medicine </a></strong><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Arnold Caplan</strong></span><em><br />Biology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA</em><br /><em><strong><img src="" alt="USA" height="20" width="35" /></strong></em><em><br /></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">10:10 - 10:40</td>
<td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFF99" valign="top">Coffee break</td>
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<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">10:40-12:20</td>
<td bgcolor="#E4E9D8" valign="top" width="50%">
<div><span><strong><strong><em><img style="margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; float: left;" alt="Yehudit Cohen Sheba Tissue Banks" src="/images/Israstem13/Yehudit_Cohen_Sheba_Tissue_Banks.jpg" height="78" width="56" /></em>Session E:</strong><br />Translational Research &amp; Bio Banking</strong><br /><strong><span style="color: #ff6600;">Chair: Yehudit Cohen</span><em><br /></em></strong><em>Scientific Director - Institutional Tissue Banks, Sheba Medical Center, Israel<br /><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></span></div>
<td bgcolor="#E4E9D8" valign="top" width="50%"><strong><strong><img style="margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; float: left;" alt="אריק חסון" src="/images/Israstem13/%D7%90%D7%A8%D7%99%D7%A7_%D7%97%D7%A1%D7%95%D7%9F.jpg" height="77" width="55" />Session F:</strong><br />Supporting Environment </strong><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Chair: Arik Hasson</strong></span><em><br /> Executive VP, Research &amp; Development, Kadimastem Ltd., Israel<br /><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">
<p><span>10:40 - 11:00</span> <span>&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span><strong>Keynote</strong><br /><strong> Lectures</strong><br /><br /></span></p></td>
<td bgcolor="#FFF0D2" valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/stemcellderiv_Marcelle_Machluf.pdf" target="_blank">Stem Cell Derived Nano-Vesicles, a New Platform Targeting the Tumor Bed </a></strong><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Marcelle Machluf</strong> </span><br /><em>Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel<br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#FFF0D2" valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/bringingcellt_Dirk_Balshuesemann.pdf" target="_blank">Bringing Cell Therapies into Clinical Routine</a></strong><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Dirk Balshuesemann</strong></span><em><br />Clinical Business, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany<br /><em><img src="" height="23" width="35" /></em><br /></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">11:00 - 11:20</td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/humanumbilical_Arnon_Nagler.pdf" target="_blank">Human Umbilical Cord Blood: More than a Source of Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Neurological Potential</a><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;">Arnon Nagler</span><br /></strong><em>Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel<br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em><br /></em></td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/buildingbridge_Thomas_Fellner.pdf" target="_blank">Building Bridges from Research to Therapy: Enabling the Utilization of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Clinical Therapies</a></strong><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Thomas Fellner</strong></span><em><br />Pluripotent Stem Cell Innovation Center, Lonza, Inc., Walkersville, USA<br /><em><strong><img src="" alt="USA" height="20" width="35" /></strong></em><br /></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">11:20 - 11:40</td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/theroleofplu_Nissim_Benvenisty.pdf" target="_blank">The Role of Pluripotent Stem Cells in Modeling Human Disorders and in Drug Screening</a><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;">Nissim Benvenisty</span><br /></strong><em>Stem Cell Unit, Genetics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel<br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em><br /></em></td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/currentregulat_Alan__Moore.pdf" target="_blank">Current Regulatory and cGMP Compliance Trends for Cellular Therapeutics and the Challenges in </a></strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/currentregulat_Alan__Moore.pdf"><strong>Translation to Late-Stage Commercial-Ready Manufacturing</strong></a><strong></strong><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Alan Moore<em><br /></em></strong></span><em>VP Testing and Cell Services, WuXi AppTec&nbsp; Philadelphia, USA<br /><em><strong><img src="" alt="USA" height="20" width="35" /></strong></em><br /></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">11:40 - 12:00</td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/buildingqualit_Katheryn_Shea.pdf" target="_blank">Building Quality Biological Collections to Maximize Use</a><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;">Katheryn Shea</span><br /></strong><em>Precision Bioservices, Inc., Frederick, USA<br /><em><strong><img src="" alt="USA" height="20" width="35" /></strong></em><br /></em></td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/intellectualpr_Hadassa_Waterman.pdf" target="_blank">Intellectual Property Issues Related to </a></strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/intellectualpr_Hadassa_Waterman.pdf"><strong>Cell-Based Inventions</strong></a><strong></strong><br /><strong><span style="color: #ff6600;">Hadassa Waterman</span><em><br /></em></strong><em>Biotech, Ehrlich and Fenster, Ramat Gan, Israel<br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em><br /></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">12:00 - 12:20</td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/ipsstemcellb_Ida_Biunno.pdf" target="_blank">IPS Stem Cell Banking</a><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;">Ida Biunno</span><br /></strong><em>IRGB, IRGB-CNR, Milan, Italy<br /><em><em><img src="" alt="italy" height="23" width="35" /></em></em><br /></em></td>
<td valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/stemcellsinp_Judith_Ben-Porath.pdf" target="_blank">Stem Cells in Preclinical Studies: Choosing the </a></strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/stemcellsinp_Judith_Ben-Porath.pdf"><strong>Optimal Animal Model</strong></a><br /><strong><span style="color: #ff6600;">Judith Ben-Porath</span><em><br /></em></strong><em>Pharmaseed, Israel<br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em><br /></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">12:20 - 14:00</td>
<td colspan="3" bgcolor="#FFFF99" valign="top">Lunch break</td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">14:00 - 14:40<br />Plenary Session:<br /><span style="color: #000000;"><strong>Chair: <br />Avi Treves</strong></span></td>
<td colspan="3" bgcolor="#FFF0D2" valign="top"><span><img style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="ZE photo" src="/images/Israstem13/ZE_photo.jpg" height="84" width="60" /></span> <strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/thet-bodyappr_Zelig_Eshhar.pdf" target="_blank">The T-Body Approach: From the Mouse Cage to The Patient’s Bed</a></strong><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Zelig Eshhar</strong></span><em colspan="3" bgcolor="#FFF0D2"> <br />Immunology, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel</em><br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em><strong><br /></strong><em><em><em></em></em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">14:40 - 15:10</td>
<td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFF99" valign="top">Coffee break</td>
<tr bgcolor="#99CC00">
<td colspan="3" height="3" nowrap="nowrap"></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">15:10-16:30</td>
<td bgcolor="#E4E9D8" valign="top"><p><strong><em><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></em>Session G:</strong><br />
    Chair: Anat Naschitz</strong> <br>
    Managing Director, OrbiMed Advisors, LLC<em><br style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="IMG 2381" src="/images/Israstem13/IMG_2381.JPG" height="75" width="58" />
    </em></p>  </td>
<td colspan="2" bgcolor="#E4E9D8" valign="top"><strong><strong><strong><strong><img style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="IMG 2381" src="/images/Israstem13/IMG_2381.JPG" height="75" width="58" />Session H:</strong><br />Company-Regulator Interface <br /><span style="color: #ff6600;">Chair: Ofra Axelrod</span><br /></strong><em>Deputy Director, The Institute for Standardization and Control of Pharmaceuticals, Israeli MOH, Israel<br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></em></strong></strong><em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap"><span>15:10 - 15:30</span> <span><br /><strong>Keynote</strong><br /><strong> Lectures</strong></span></td>
<td bgcolor="#FFF0D2" valign="top">
<p><strong>The Office of the Israel Chief Scientist Incentives for R&amp;D in Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells</strong><br />
  <span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Janette Lazarovits</strong></span><br />
  <em>The Office of the Chief Scientist</em></p></td>
<td colspan="2" rowspan="4" valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p><span><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/theregulatory_Margarida__Menezes_Ferreira.pdf" target="_blank">The Regulatory Challenges for the Approval of Advanced Therapies in Europe </a></strong><br />
      <span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Margarida Menezes Ferreira</strong></span><br />
    <em>Medicines Evaluation Department, INFARMED,</em><br />
    <em>National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, Lisboa, Portugal</em><br />
    <em>Member of the Committee for Advanced Therapies and of the Biologics Working Party/CHMP – EMA, Portugal</em> <br />
    <span style="color: #ff6600;" color="#FF6600"><span style="font-family: verdana,geneva; font-size: x-small;" face="verdana,geneva" size="2"><i><img title="7628969_flagbig1.gif" alt="7628969_flagbig1.gif" src="" height="23" width="35" /></i></span></span><br />
    <br />
    <strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/fdaisitrea_Joyce_Frey-Vasconcells.pdf" target="_blank">FDA: Is it Really a Black Hole?</a></strong><br />
    <span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Joyce Frey-Vasconcells</strong></span><br />
    <em>Frey-Vasconcells Consulting, LLC</em></span> <span><br />
  <p><span><br />
        <strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/euregulators_Anne__Dupraz-Poiseau.pdf" target="_blank">EU Regulators’ Expectations for a Stem Cell Based Product Development a Focus on CMC and NC Development</a></strong><br />
    <strong><span style="color: #ff6600;">Anne Dupraz-Poiseau</span></strong><br />
    <em>Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, France<br />
      <em><em><img src="/images/frlarge.gif" alt="france" height="23" width="34" /></em></em></em></span></p>
  <p><strong>A Harmonized Approach in Regulation of PLX-PAD<em><br />
    </em><span style="color: #ff6600;">Racheli Ofir</span><em><br />
    </em></strong><em>Pluristem, MATAM&nbsp; Park, Haifa, Israel (15 min.)</em></p>
  <p><span><em><em><em></em></em><em><em><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></em></em><br />
    </em></span> <span><strong>&nbsp;</strong></span> <span><strong>&nbsp;</strong></span> <span><strong><span style="color: #ff6600; font-size: 12pt;"><br />
  <p><span><strong><span style="color: #ff6600; font-size: 12pt;">&nbsp;</span></strong></span></p>
  <p><span><strong><img style="float: left;" alt="104714569" src="/images/icons/104714569.jpg" height="76" width="96" /></strong></span><span><strong><span style="color: #ff6600; font-size: 12pt;">Special Panel-Meet the Regulator: <br />
    Audience Questions and Open Discussion</span><br />
  </strong></span> <strong></strong><strong></strong><strong></strong></p>  <p><em><br />
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">15:30 - 15:50</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" valign="top"><strong>Pontifax, Vision and Investment Strategy</strong><br />
  <strong><span style="color: #ff6600;">Silvia Noiman</span><em><br />
  </em></strong><em>Pontifax, Israel<br />
  <em><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">15:50 - 16:10</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" valign="top"><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/syndicateinnov_Alain_Vertes.pdf" target="_blank">Syndicate Innovation Venturing</a></strong><br />
  <span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Alain Vertes</strong></span><em> <br />
  Park BioVentures, New York, NY, USA<br />
  <em><strong><img src="" alt="USA" height="20" width="35" /></strong></em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">16:10 - 16:30</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" valign="top"><a target="_blank" href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/theisraelicel_Avi__Treves_.pdf"><strong>The Israeli Cell Therapy Landscape</strong></a><br />
  <span style="color: #ff6600;"><strong>Avi Treves</strong></span><em><br />
Sheba Cancer Research Center, Israel<br />
<em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">16:30 – 17:10<br>
  Plenary session<strong>:<br>
  <span style="color: #ff6600;">Chair: <br>
  Michel Revel</span></strong></td>
<td colspan="3" valign="top"><span><img style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="EvaFeldman-BannerPhoto" src="/images/Israstem13/EvaFeldman-BannerPhoto.jpg" height="83" width="61" /></span><strong><a href="/israstem-abs/out_of_pdf/intraspinalste_Eva_Feldman,_MD,_PhD.pdf">Intraspinal Stem Cell Transplantation in ALS: Results of the First Phase 1 FDA Clinical Trial</a><br /><span style="color: #ff6600;">Eva Feldman&nbsp;</span> <br /></strong><em>Neurology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA</em><br /><em><strong><img src="" alt="USA" height="20" width="35" /></strong></em><em><br /></em><em></em></td>
<td bgcolor="#D3DEDF" nowrap="nowrap">17:10 – 17:25</td>
<td colspan="3" valign="top"><strong><img style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="Shosh Merchav" src="/images/Shosh_Merchav.jpg" height="81" width="64" />Closing<br /><span style="color: #ff6600;"> Shosh Merchav</span><br /></strong><em>CEO, Multifacet Biosolutions Ltd., <em>Israel, </em>Co- Chairman Israstem 2013 <br /><em><em><img alt="Israel" src="" height="25" width="35" /></em></em></em></td>
poster-israstem2014  Day 1 - 10 June 2014 Day 2 - 11 June 2014