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Workshop on Human Errors

And Out-of-Specification Test Results

  29 January 2013
Workshop hours: 09:00-17:00
Dan Panorama Hotel
10 Kaufman Street, Tel Aviv
Workshop language: EnglishPreliminary workshop prigram
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Organized by: logoIACS and CITAC logo 2008 - blue

For the Chairman invitation letter please click here


Organizing committee of the workshop:

  • Dr. Francesca Pennecchi, National Institute of Metrological Research, Italy
  • Prof. Yury Karpov, State Institute for Research and Design of Rare Metal Industry, Russia


 Sponsored by:

iupacLogo israc


Keynote lecturers

kuselmanIntroduction to investigating out-of-specification test results and human errors in analytical chemistry

Dr. Ilya Kuselman,
National Physical Laboratory of Israel, Israel

Dr. Ilya Kuselman is Head of Materials Department at the National Physical Laboratory of Israel (INPL). He is Past-Chairman of the Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry (CITAC), Regional Coordinator of the National Conference of Standard Laboratories (NCSL International), Member of the Interdivisional Working Party for Harmonization of Quality Assurance of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the Israeli representative at the Reference Materials Committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO REMCO). Dr. Kuselman has leaded the team developed the IUPAC/CITAC Guide (2012): Investigating out-of-specification test results of chemical composition based on metrological concepts.

BluvbandHuman errors in aviation

Dr.  Zigmund Bluvband,
ALD Group, Advanced Logistics Development Ltd, Israel   

Dr. Zigmund Bluvband is the Founder & President of ALD Ltd, Israel. Zigmund has accrued more than 35 years of experience in consulting, coaching and teaching in the fields of all dependability issues worldwide: reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety (RAMS), integrated logistics support (ILS), life cycle costing (LCC) and Six Sigma for thousands of professionals in the USA, Europe, Israel and Far East countries. Dr. Bluvband has focused his scientific and professional interest on the development of novel techniques for safety assessment and management of failure critical aviation systems. Dr. Z. Bluvband published 6 books, more than 75 refereed papers and more than 10 patents. In 2007 Zigmund was awarded by IEEE Life Time Achievement Award “for major contributions as a leader and innovator in the field of reliability engineering”.  In 2009, he was elected as an academician by the International Academy for Quality (IAQ,). In 2010 Dr. Bluvband was nominated to serve the Prime Minister Office as the Chairman of the Presidium of the Israeli National Quality Award. In 2011 Zigmund received the "Elmer A. Sperry award" for Distinguished Engineering Contribution to the Art of Transportation in recognition for "Development and Implementation of Novel Methods and Tools for the Advancement of Dependability and Safety in Transportation" awarded by joint Committee of six largest engineering societies (SAE-IEEE-ASME-SNAME-AIAA-ASCE).

PennecchiProducer's and consumer's risks of out-of-specification test results

Dr. Francesca Pennecchi,
National Institute of Metrological Research (INRIM), Italy

Dr. Francesca Romana Pennecchi holds a European PhD in “Metrology: measurement science and technique”, from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy. She is a permanent researcher at the National Institute of Metrological Research (INRIM, Italy), within the Project “Mathematical and statistical methods for metrology”. She was granted for a research collaboration at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL, UK) and another one at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA). At the moment she is participating in several projects of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP). She was member of the Project Team which developed the IUPAC/CITAC Guide (2012): Investigating out-of-specification test results of chemical composition based on metrological concepts. Between 2001 and 2010 she has been giving lessons and tutorages on Probability and Statistics at the University and the Polytechnic of Turin. She is co-author of about 25 papers published on JCR journal

DonchinAvoiding medical error in the hospital; mission possible?!

Prof. Yoel Donchin
Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Prof. Yoel Donchin is Head of the patient Safety Unit, Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Israel, and a member of the Center for Safety at Work and Human Factors Engineering, Technion, Haifa. His research fields deals with human factors engineering in medical domain. The main objective of his work is avoiding errors rather than investigate them, namely the proactive approach.





Interlaboratory comparisons and human errors in proficiency testing

Dr. Stephen L. R. Ellison
Laboratory of Government Chemist Ltd (LGC), UK                                    

Dr. Ellison leads LGC’s Statistics team and additionally oversees LGC’s reference material certification activity. His current research interests include statistics for interlaboratory studies, reference material certification and stability, statistical methods for DNA quantitation and treatment of uncertainties and observations near zero, as well as more general development of measurement uncertainty and traceability in analytical chemistry.
Dr. Ellison is a co-author of IUPAC technical Reports on Use of Recovery Information in Analytical Measurement, Single Laboratory Validation of Methods of Analysis, and of the latest International Harmonized Protocol for the proficiency testing of analytical chemistry laboratories. A principal author of the EURACHEM guides “Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement” and “Traceability in Chemical Measurement”, he is a recognized international expert in measurement uncertainty principles applied to analytical methods. He also contributes to a range of ISO, CEN and BSI committees involving applications of statistics applied to measurement.


Practitioner reports and round-table discussion – Moderator

Dr. Aleš Fajgelj,
International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria

Dr. Ales Fajgelj is Quality Systems Manager of the International Atomic Energy Agency, dealing with the production of reference materials and organization of international laboratory inter-comparison runs, radiochemistry, and particle size analysis. Lead Assessor (BSI) and Expert Auditor being engaged in assessments of various laboratories world-wide and also in assessment of reference materials producers, working for UKAS, BELAC and Slovenian Accreditation (SA). Author of 72 articles, more than 100 conference contributions, end more than 100 reports, editor of 3 books from quality assurance, and other works. Member of the following international organizations and bodies:

  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC): President of the IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Division (2008-2011); Chairman of the IUPAC Interdivisional Working Party on Harmonization of Quality Assurance Schemes for Analytical Laboratories (1996-2007, 2012 -)
  • Cooperation  in International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry (CITAC)
  • ISO Committee on Reference Materials (ISO/REMCO): Chair of the Steering Group on International Coordination and Cooperation, Member of the Chairman’s Advisory Board, Co-author of ISO Guides 34 and 35
  • Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance — Metrology in Chemistry (CCQM) of the International Conference of Weights and Measures (CIPM)
  • Intercontinental Editorial Board of the Journal Accreditation and Quality Assurance (Springer)
  • Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
  • Editorial Board of the Open Spectroscopy Journal