Scientific Program

08:00 – 09:15 Registration
09:15 – 09:30 Welcome address
Mr. Malachi Alper, CEO, Paz Ashdod Refinery Ltd., President of the IIChE
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Dr. Ronen Berkovich, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Chairman of the IIChE meeting
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Plenary Session
09:30 – 10:00
ofer Energy, Security and Israel's Standing in the Middle East
MK Ofer Shelah
Yesh Atid's Head of Faction
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10:00 - 10:30
Krijn Catalysis for Fuels and Chemicals
Prof. Krijn P. de Jong, Utrecht University, Netherlands
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break & Poster Presentations
11:00-12:50 Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D
Session A
Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Prof. Oren Regev, Ben-Gurion University
Dr. Daniel Szwarcman, Store-Dot
Session B
Drug Delivery
Prof. Havazelet Bianco-Peled, Technion
Prof. Avi Schroeder, Technion
Session C
Process & Simulation I

Prof. Yaron Paz, Technion
Dr. Yelena Kaminski, TowerJazz Semiconductor LTD
Session D
Prof. Dorith Tavor,
Sami Shamoon College of Engineering
Mr. Yashar Ben-Mordechai, Benmor Business & Engineering Consulting Ltd.
11:00-11:30 Flash Charge Lithium Ion Batteries based on Nanomaterials for Mobile Phones and EVs
Dr. Niles Fleischer
StoreDot, Israel
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Nanotechnological strategies for targeted therapies
Prof. Joseph Kost
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
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Modeling shape evolution during the growth of oxide single crystals from the melt via the Czochralski technique
Prof. Shimon Brandon

Technion, Israel
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Eco-Friendly Catalytic Processes for Production of Renewable and Fungible Liquid Fuels and Chemicals
Prof. Moti Herskowitz
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
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11:30-11:50 Advances in Corrosion-Resistant Ceramic Materials for Fuel Cells
Dr. Lior Elbaz
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
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The mission of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space
Dr. Andrey Broisman
Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, Israel
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The Use of Mobile Devices in Process Computation
Prof. Mordechai Shacham

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
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On-Site Heat Production using Biomass Source
Mr. Alon Tavor

Lignum LTD, Israel
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11:50-12:10 Non-Toxic Slippery Anti-Biofouling Surfaces
Dr. Alexander Tesler
Harvard University, United States

Freud, Sex and Oral Cancer
Dr. Imad Abu El-Naaj
Bar Ilan University, Israel
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Predicting Phase Behavior of Metallic Mercury in Liquid and Compressed Gaseous Hydrocarbons.
Prof. Ilya Polishuk

Ariel University, Israel
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Energy Storage, Contemporary Approach Towards Fast Growing Markets
Mr. Dov Berger

Ormat LTD, Israel
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12:10-12:30 Ceramic Matrix Composite based on sol-gel and wet lay-up technologies for high loads and high temperature applications
Mr. Noam Geblinger
Israel Aerospace Industry, Israel
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Musoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems
Dr. Shlomit Avidan-Shlomovich
Technion, Israel
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Process Integration Challenges in SOI Technology
Mrs. Marina Gudinetsky
Towersemi, Migdal Haemek, Israel
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Solar Heat for Industrial Processes
Mr. Zvika Klier
TIGI, Israel
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12:30-12:50 Entrapment of the Complex Cu(2,5,8,11-tetramethyl-2,5,8,11-tetraazadodecane) in Sol-gel Electrodes for Electrocatalysis
Dr. Ariela Burg
SCE – Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel
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Liposomes for Protein Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment  
Dr. Mor Goldfeder
Technion, Israel
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Control and Optimization of Refinery Process Units
Mr. Michael Simpson
Advanced Types of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) Design and practical aspects for the industrial PHE specification and selection
Dr. Avi Shalev
Krashin-Shalev Metal Industries Ltd., Israel
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12:50-14:15 Lunch Break and Poster Presentations
13:45 -14:15 Meeting of the IIChE Committee (Hall B)
  Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D
14:15-15:50 Session E:
Transport Phenomena

Prof. Moshe Gottlieb, Ben-Gurion University
Dr. Mark Jablonka, Tenova
Session F
Ecology and Environment

Prof. Viacheslav Freger, Technion
Mrs. Shuli Nazar, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Session G
Process & Simulation II
Dr. Joav Rockman, Shenkar College of Design and Engineering
Mr. Nicholas Palmer, Palmer International Partnership LLP
Session H
The Interface between Technology and Defense

Prof. Michael Gozin, Tel-Aviv University
Mrs. Inbal Kreiss, IAI
14:15-14:30 Dynamics of externally actuated magnetic micro-/nanopropellers
Prof. Alexander Leshansky

Technion, Israel
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Laws of Fear: How Risk Perception Affects Environmental Regulation
Adv. Arie Neiger

APM & Co., Israel
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Mastering your Asset
Mr. Nicholas Palmer
Palmer International Partnership LLP ,UK
Hydrogen On-Demand and its Application in Fuel Cells for Extended Missions
Dr. Shani Elitzur
Technion, Israel
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14:30-14:50 Numerical simulation of reactive transport via particle tracking (random walk)
Dr. Amir Paster
Tel Aviv University, Israel
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Israel and the OECD: An Environmental Leap Forward for Industry
Mrs. Shuli Nazar
Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel
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(הרצאה בעברית)

Hydrocarbon gas separation, in conditions of low temperature
Mr. Geva Zis
Ludan Engineering, Israel
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Cathodic Arc Discharges for Spacecraft Propulsion and Other Aerospace Applications
Prof. Igal Kronhaus
Technion, Israel
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14:50-15:10 Flux Prediction for Mixer Settlers- Scale up from a beaker to the plant
Mrs. Einat Shooster
Tenova Bateman Technologies, Israel
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Modeling pH in Reverse Osmosis Desalination Membranes
Mrs. Noga Fridman-Bishop
Technion, Israel
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APC (Advance Process Control) for Industrial Utilities
Mr. Filippo Zerbini

Honeywell S.r.l., Italy
Overcoming the Detection Challenge Imposed by Variations in Synthetic Methods of Peroxide-based HME’s
Mr. Eran Tuval

IDF, Israel
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15:10-15:30 Dynamics and Heat Generation in Suspensions of Magnetic Nanoparticles under Alternating Magnetic Fields
Mr. Omer Shenkman

Ben Gurion University, Israel
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A Combined Photocatalytic-Biological Wastewater Treatment Approach: The Importance of Recycling
Mr. Zach Shidlovsky
Technion, Israel
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Computational Tools Use and Implementation Throughout a Product Life-Cycle in the API Industry
Dr. Nir Haimovich
TEVA API, Israel
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Elbit Systems™ Energy’s Hybrid Aqueous Supercapacitor (HAS) and Fuel Cell Solutions - powering the next generation of energy storage
Dr. Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher
Elbit Systems Land & C4I, Israel
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15:30-15:50   The Biggest Environmental Project in Israel
Mr. Ron Weiss

ICE, Israel
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Optimising the Steam and Power System
Mr. Roger Grundy

Breckland Ltd ,UK
The Use of Parylene Insulation for Airborm
Mr. Eran Macover
Eran Technologies Ltd.
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15:50-16:30 Coffee Break & Poster Presentations
Plenary Session
yossi80 Israel's Energy Market and the Regulatory Challenge
Mr. Yossi Rosen
Chairmen,  Israel Institute of Energy and Environment
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(הרצאה בעברית)
Lifetime achievement awards will be given to:
Mr. Akiva Mozes,
former CEO and President of Israel Chemicals
Prof. David Wolf, former Rector of Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Prof. Ram Lavie,Prof. Emeritus, Technion, Israel
Poster awards
Udi Segal The Good News
Mr. Udi Segal

Israel's leading Political and Diplomatic reporter
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18:30-19:00  Cocktails

Poster Session