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pdf iconReport on the workshop published in Chem. Int. 37 (2015)

International Workshop on Human Errors and Quality  of Chemical Analytical Results

13 January 2015, 09:00-17:00
Kfar Maccabiah, Ramat Gan


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Registration fees for foreign participants are as follows:

Category Full fee registration from
Dec. 16, 2014 to Jan. 12, 2015
Regular participant 320 USD
Associate participant* 290 USD
Participant from a developing country 230 USD
Student 175 USD

* Associate participants are Members, Affiliates and Fellows of IUPAC, CITAC and Eurachem.

Registration fees for Israeli participants are as follows (including VAT):

Category Full fee registration from
Dec. 16, 2014 to Jan. 12, 2015
Regular participant 1350 NIS
Student 700 NIS

My picture at Isranalytica 2013Dear colleagues, 
On behalf of the Organizing Committee it is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the International Workshop on Human Errors and Quality of Chemical Analytical Results, in conjunction with ISRANALYTICA 2015, the Conference and Exhibition. The Workshop will take place on 13 January 2015 at the Kfar Maccabiah, Ramat Gan, Israel. The ISRANALYTICA is planned from 14 to 15 January 2015 at the David Intercontinental Hotel. For more details about the events, see in

A similar workshop on human errors was organized successfully in 2013, a report is available at 

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 Keynote lecturers

My picture at Isranalytica 2013Dr. Ilya Kuselman


Ilya Kuselman was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, USSR, in 1947. He received his M.Sc. diploma in chemistry from the Donetsk State University in 1970, Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry – from the Kalinin State University, Russia, in 1974, and D.Sc. in analytical chemistry – from the R&D Institute for Rare Metal Industry, Moscow, Russia, in 1989. During 1971-1990 he worked at the All-Union R&D Institute of Secondary Non-ferrous Metals, Donetsk, as researcher and further Head of the Division for Metrology in Chemistry. In 1991 Ilya Kuselman was a researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Applied Science & Technology. From 1991 up today he is a co-worker of the National Physical Laboratory of Israel (INPL), currently INPL Director. Published 194 papers, 9 patents, 97 lectures at conferences and workshops on metrology and quality in analytical chemistry.

Membership: Secretary (2002-2004), Vice Chair (2004-2007), Chair (2007- 2010), Past Chair (2010-2013) and a member of the Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry (CITAC), Editor of its newsletter “CITAC News” (2003-2007). Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal “Accreditation and Quality Assurance. Journal for Quality, Comparability and Reliability in Chemical Measurement” (Springer, 1998- ). Reviewer of the journals “Analytical and Bio-Analytical Chemistry” (Springer, 2003- ), “Chemosphere” (Elsevier, 2007- ), etc. Regional Coordinator of the National Conference of Standards Laboratories –International (NCSLI, 2003- ).
Member of the Interdivisional Working Party for Harmonization of Quality Assurance of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC, 2005- ).  Member of ISO Committee on Reference Materials (REMCO, 2007- ). Vice Chair (1997–2001) and then Chair (2001- ) of the Abroad Division of the Scientific Council on Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of the Policy Advisory Committee of the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (2009- ).
Co-founder, Secretary (1998-2002), Chair (2002-2006), and then a member of the Executive Committee of the Israeli Metrological Society (2006- ). Member of the Executive Committee of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society (2000- ). Member of the Israel Society for Quality (1992- ).

Emil Bashkansky photo - 2011

Prof. Emil Bashkansky

ORT Braude College

After graduating summa cum laude from the Physics Faculty of the Gorky University (former USSR) and a doctorate in quantum optics (1973) Emil Bashkansky was sent to Rybinsk to the Institute of Aviation Technology, Department of Radio Electronics where he taught technical courses and improved quality control equipment for non-destructive testing methods. He continued this work also after moving to the Leningrad Technological Institute. In 1990 immigrated to Israel. In 1991, Emil began teaching at the ORT Braude College in Karmiel in northern Israel. Emil taught quality theory and consulted a number of companies and factories in the area. He published more than 80 papers in various peer–refereed academic journals and materials of international conferences in the field of physics, technology, quality engineering covering, among other things, also a wide range of engineering issues: assessment, management and forecasting of quality in manufacturing, service systems, health care as well as different issues of metrology, security, and human errors prevention. In 2008 founded and serves as the permanent chairman of the annual Galilee Quality Conference "Quality - Theory and Practice". Prof. Emil Bashkansky is a member of program committees of national and international conferences, a reviewer of different academic journals, a member of ISO REMCO WG13, a member of technical committee 1816 - quality engineering and reliability of the Standards Institute of Israel, a member of the steering committee of the Galilee competition for quality and excellence, a permanent member of the college quality committee.

Wolfhard Wegscheider

Prof. Wolfhard Wegscheider

Leoben University, Austria

Wolfhard Wegscheider is Professor of General and Analytical Chemistry at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben Austria. He received his education from the Graz University of Technology majoring in Technical Chemistry with a specialisation in Biochemistry and Food Chemistry. His diploma thesis and doctoral thesis were in Analytical Chemistry with an emphasis on trace analysis and environmental analysis. As Fulbright Scholar he worked in Denver, CO, mainly on energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Much of his research centers on the development of chemometric procedures for analytical chemical problems. He is also co-author of the textbook on Analytical Chemistry featuring the DAC FECS-Curriculum that was first published in March 1998 and a member of the editorial board and contributor to the Encyclopedia of Analytical Sciences (Academic Press). W.W. is member of several learned societies such as GDCh, GOECh, CITAC, Co-operation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry, EURACHEM where he is also member of the Working Group on Education and Training, of the Working Group on Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability and of the EURACHEM Executive. In both, EURACHEM and CITAC he also served as Chairman. After a term as President he currently is Member of the Board of Directors of the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry – ASAC. In 2010 he has been appointed Fellow of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). He is a consultant to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, a lead auditor in the Austrian Accreditation of Laboratories System and an Editorial Advisor of Journals such as MIKROCHIMICA ACTA, SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA ELECTRONICA, CHEMOMETRICS AND INTELLIGENT LABORATORY SYSTEMS and ACCREDITATION AND ANALYTICAL QUALITY ASSURANCE. From 1995 to 2001 he served as Dean of Graduate Studies of Montanuniversitaet Leoben, and from 2003 to 2011 as Rektor (President) of this Institution. Presently he is chair of the Board of Trustees of OeAD GmbH, the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research, and has resumed the position of Chair of Eurachem ( for the period 2014 – 2016.


Dr. Walter Bich

Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM), Italy

Walter Bich was born in Aosta, Italy in 1950. He obtained his “laurea” in Physics in 1974 and has been since 1976 with the Istituto di Metrologia "G. Colonnetti" (IMGC), since 2006 Istituto nazionale di ricerca metrologica, INRIM. He is also currently:
chairman of the JCGM/WG1 (Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology, Working Group 1, Measurement Uncertainty), in which he also acts as ISO representative;
member of the ad-hoc advisory group on uncertainties to the BIPM Director, established in 2001;
he has been chairman of EURAMET TC Mass & Derived Quantities, from June 2009 to June 2011.
He is frequently invited to give courses and lectures at metrology schools (e.g., Varenna 2000, 2006 and 2012, Rio De Janeiro 2007) or meetings (e.g., CCRI(I) Workshop on uncertainties 2005 and 2008) and congresses (e.g. plenary lecture at the IMEKO 2006 World Congress).
He has written more than 100 scientific papers or reports and is referee of a number of journals such as Metrologia, Measurement Science and Technology, Accreditation and Quality Assurance, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement and Measurement. He is member of the Editorial Board of Metrologia.

His main field of interest has moved progressively from mass standards to parameter estimation in metrology. In more recent years his scientific interests extended towards the International System of Units and its intended revision. His current activities deal mostly with the latter topic, the evaluation of measurement uncertainty (he is deeply involved in the revision of the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement, GUM) and the adjustment of fundamental constants.

PennecchiDr. Francesca Pennecchi

Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM), Italy

Dr. Francesca Romana Pennecchi holds a European PhD in “Metrology: measurement science and technique”, from the Politecnico of Torino, Italy. She is a permanent researcher at the Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM, Italy), within the Project “Mathematical and statistical methods for metrology”. She was granted for a research collaboration at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL, UK), in 2003, and a research grant at the Statistical Engineering Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA), in 2007. Between 2001 and 2010 she has been giving lessons, tutorages and exercitations on Probability and Statistics at the University and the Politecnico of Torino. At the moment she is participating in several research projects, within the European Metrology Research Programme and with national industrial partners, mainly focussing on the mathematical and statistical modelling of the measurement uncertainty. Formerly member of the Project Team which developed the IUPAC/CITAC Guide (2012) “Investigating out-of-specification test results of chemical composition based on metrological concepts”, she now joins the IUPAC/CITAC Project “Classification and modelling human errors contributing to measurement uncertainty of chemical analytical test results”. She is co-author of about 30 papers published on JCR journals

DSC 0488Dr. Orna Dreazen

Nextar Chempharma Solutions Ltd, Israel

Dr. Orna Dreazen born in 1953 in Israel, Dr. Dreazen has served as Director General of the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority between 2000-2008. She received her Ph.D in biochemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1982 and served as an Associate Staff Scientist there. She was then a visiting researcher at the UCLA Medical Center. Her research was on genetic translocation as an indicator of the prognosis of AML and CML patients.
Her work experience includes Quality Control Manager at Interpharm Laboratories, General Manager of Portman Medical Industries, and General manager of the National public Health Laboratories of the Ministry of health in Tel Aviv.
As General Director of the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority, Dr. Dreazen coordinates activities with organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) World Trade Organization, World Health Organization and ISO as ILAC liaison officer. She also represents the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority in Standards Committees  ISO/TC 212 taking an active role in ISO 15189 and ISO 15190 preparation
Dr. Dreazen took on active role in establishment of the Medical accreditation program in Israel.
Currently she is the Board of Directors’ Chairperson of Nextar Chempharma solutions.

raphyDr. Raphael Bar

BR Consulting, Israel

Raphael Bar is presently a pharmaceutical consultant at BR Consulting for the Pharma and bio-Pharma
industries. He provides consulting services on pharmaceutical development and analytical support to investigational, new, and generic drugs as well as medical devices and combination products.
R. Bar is a member of the organizing committee of Israel Analytical Chemistry Society since 1996 and past president of Israel Chapter of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) during 2006 – 2009. He is now a board member of the PDA Chapter of Israel and since Jan 2009, he is also a board member of the Scientific
Advisory  Board of global PDA (USA).

He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from The Hebrew University after combined graduate studies in
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech, USA. Following a post-doctoral training in Biochemical Engineering at UVA, USA, he served as a Lecturer in the Hebrew University.

Dr. Bar joined Teva Pharmaceuticals, Israel in 1995 as Head of the Analytical R&D Laboratory. In 1998, he joined Pharmos where he managed the Quality Control and R&D laboratory for about ten years.

The main interests of Dr. Bar revolve around analytical and bioanalytical method development and
validation, stability studies, statistical evaluation of laboratory data and bioassays, sterile production of
parenterals and GMP issues of pharmaceutical analysis. He particularly developed an expertise in stability studies of pharmaceuticals, from initial testing to final statistical analysis of stability data. Dr. Bar has been teaching courses to QC and R&D personnel from pharmaceutical companies for more than ten years both in Israel and overseas.

80Dr. Shula Levin

Waters (TC) Ltd, Israel

Dr. Shula Levin has more than 33 years of experience in analytical chemistry, especially LC (HPLC and U-HPLC) and LC-MS, and has been a scientific consultant at the Analytical Department of Medtechnica Ltd, Waters Inc’s agent in Israel, since 1996.  Since 2012 she is a Waters’ Chemistry, Instrumentation and Software specialist in Israel.  She has been coaching, supporting, training and mentoring analytical chemists at the pharmaceutical industry in Israel in various aspects of HPLC analysis: chemistry, instrumentation, regulation and informatics. Among the pharmaceutical companies she has trained and couched are: Teva (Abic, Planterx, Assia, Jerusalem, Kfar-Saba, TevaTech), Taro, Trima, Vitamed, Perrigo and Chemagis, InterPharm (Serono) and Biotechnology-General (Ferring).  
She is a graduate of PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Analytical Chemistry (1986), had a post doctoral work at the University of Utah at the Analytical Chemistry department (1988), then she served for 7 years as a faculty member at the School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1989-1996), where she still teaches a course in HPLC.  She is the author of dozens of articles and chapters in books,  as well as the world’s popular educational website on HPLC: (author and webmaster).
Dr. Levin has been one of the founders and committee members of the Israeli Analytical Chemistry Society and organized the 2011 and 2014 Isranalytica Meetings.

MesterDr. Zoltan Mester

Institute for National Measurement Standards, Canada

Dr Mester was born and raised in Hungary. He completed his PhD in chemistry splitting his time between his alma mater in Budapest and the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development in Rome, Italy. After a short postdoctoral stint at the University of Waterloo, Canada in 1999 he joined the chemistry program of the Institute for National Measurement Standards, National Research Council Canada in Ottawa. Since 2010 he is heading the Chemical Metrology program at NRC. His research interest encompasses analytical mass spectrometry, sampling, sample preparation and sample introduction. Since 2004 he has been serving at the Analytical Chemistry Division of IUPAC currently as the Secretary of the Division. Dr. Mester also represents Canada at the Comité consultatif pour la quantité de matière – métrologie en chimie (CCQM) which is the consultative committee for chemistry of the Metre Convention. He has served as the review editor of Spectrochimica Acta B and is currently a member of the Editorial Board of Analytica Chimica Acta. He has published over 140 papers 3 book chapters and book on sample preparation.

Erica PincoMs. Erica Pinco

Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority  (ISRAC)

Erica was born in Rumania, Bucharest in 1966. She received her MSc in microbiology from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1994.
Since then and until 2008 served as the director of the microbiology laboratory at the central laboratory Maccabi Healthcare. From 2008, head of the Food and Health division at Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority and since 2012, Head of the Medical Division. Ms. Pinco is a technical expert in Microbiology and acts as a team leader of Accreditation proccess according to ISO/IEC 17025 & ISO 15189.
As the Head of Medical Division at the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority, Ms. Pinco conducts accreditation activites of medical laboratories, participates in EA Laboratory committee and represents the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority in Standards Commetees ISO/TC 212.
Ms Pinco takes an active role in accreditation and promoting quality of medical laboratories in Israel.

International Advisory Board and the Organizing Committee

Dr. Ilya Kuselman Consultant
Prof. Emil Bashkansky ORT Braude College
Prof. Yury Karpov State Research & Design Institute for Rare Metal Industry, Russia
Dr. Zoltan Mester National Research Counsil, Canada
Dr. Francesca Pennecchi Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM), Italy
Dr. Laly Samuel Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand
Prof. Wolfhard Wegscheider

Leoben University, Austria

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calend 15 August 2014 Notification of abstract acceptance
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calend 15 December 2014 Last day for early registration
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