The Cannabinoids: Recent Progress In Chemistry, Pharmacology And The Clinic

Prof. Raphael Mechoulam
Hebrew University, Jerusalem


CV- positions of some importance held

Head, laboratory of the chemistry and pharmacology of natural products, Medical Faculty, Hebrew University, 1967-2000
Rector, Hebrew University, 1979-1982
Head, Natural Sciences Division, Israel Academy of Sciences, 2007-2013.

Some of the awards received.

     Somach Sachs Prize for “best research by a scientist under the age of 35 at the Weizmann Institute”, 1964.

     Kolthof Prize in Chemistry, 1994, The Technion, Haifa.

     Israel Prize in Exact Sciences – chemistry, 2000. This is the highest Israeli Prize, presented by the Prime Minister

Elected, Member Israel Academy of Sciences, 1994.

Ulf von Euler Lecture in Physiology, Karolinska Institute. Stockholm, Sweden, 1994,

The International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) establishes an annual award to be named The R. Mechoulam Annual Award in Cannabinoid Research, 1999.

Ariens Award and Lecture. 2000.  Dutch Pharmacological Society sponsored by Solvay Pharmaceuticals.  Amsterdam.

Doctor Honoris Causa. Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 2001.

Heinrich Wieland Prize, to promote research on “lipids and related substances in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology, and Clinical Medicine”, Munich, Germany, 2004.

Doctor Honoris Causa, Complutense University, Madrid, 2006

European College of Neuropsychopharmaclogy
Lifetime Achievement Award, Paris, 2006.

Eicosanoid Research Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, Seattle, Washington, September, 2011.

National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Lifetime Achievement Award, Presented by the Director of NIDA, NIH, Bethesda, September 2011.

Rothschild Prize by the Rothschild Family Foundation, Presented by Lord Rothschild in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), Jerusalem, 2012.  

EMET Prize –Presented by the Prime Minister of Israel, Jerusalem, November, 2012.

Doctor Honoris Causa, Ben Gurion University, Be’er Sheva, Nov.2013