Summary of Isranalytica 2017

It was an exciting, interesting and fruitful meeting.
The success of this event is attributable mainly to the active participants of the meeting – plenary speakers, keynote speakers, oral presenters, poster presenters, exhibitors and the audience.

Isranalytica 2017 organizing committee wishes to thank each and every one of you!
We hope to see you next year at 23-24 January,2018

The conference this year is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague, Prof. Eli Grushka, a prolific and renowned scientist, one of the founders of the ISRANALYTICA, who passed away this year.

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Posters Awards
Evening Event  

Meeting Statistics:

Total participants: 3150 visitors over two days.
Exhibition: 67 Vendors
The ISRANALYTICA 2017 Conference and Exhibition, the 20th Annual Meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society, took place on January 24th – 25th, 2017, at the David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The annual meetings of the Israel Analytical Chemical Society have become one of the largest annual analytical chemistry conferences in the world.

The Exhibition

Isranalytica exhibition is the largest analytical chemistry exhibition in Israel.
This year, the event included all the major companies, suppliers and service providers in Israel, and an exhibitor from abroad. The large venue enabled a perfect atmosphere for networking and sharing new ideas.

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Scientific Program

The scientific program in 2017 included:  plenary lectures, keynote lectures, posters oral presentations and poster presentations delivered by top international scientists.


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France 2
Germany 1
Israel 46
Italy 6
Netherlands 1
UK   1
United States  9
Russia    2
Switzerland    3
Sweden    2
Portugal    2
Belarus    1
Ireland    1
Chile    1
Hungary    2
Canada    1
Georgia    2
Japan    1

Distribution of Lecturers Origingraf

Poster Awards

Three prestigious poster awards were granted by the organizing committee to outstanding posters at the Annual Meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society:

Targeted Metabolomics with DSI-GC-MS - Rapid Profiling of Fatty Acids in Baker's Yeast
Helmut Geppert, Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany
Open Probe Fast GC-MS and its Recent Real Time Analysis Applications
Uri Keshet, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Pathway Elucidation in Duckweed by Means of Dual Isotope Labeling and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Liron Feldberg, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

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This year's Israel Analytical Chemistry Society Award
in memory of Dr. Jehuda Yinon

was granted to

Ms. Ravell Bengiat
for her research on
Selective Recognition and Precipitation of Cesium Ions from Aqueous Solutions

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was granted to
Tehila Shachar
for her research on
Electrochemical Micro Sensor Based on Molecular Imprinted Polymers

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Best service supplier of the year

Award for Outstanding Commitment to Credible, Courteous, Quality & Professional Excellence
This year the “best service supplier of the year” award, determined by a vote among participants, was awarded to

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All vendors were nominated for this award and participants voted online.

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On the first evening of the conference, all participants were invited to a cocktail party, special speaker and a musical performance by SABOTAGE SHOW who contributed greatly to the engaging and pleasant atmosphere.

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The summing meeting of the scientific committee

The meeting of the scientific committee and Bioforum presenters was held at the end of the conference. The achievements of this conference were discusses alongside with changes and progress that will take place next year.

See You Next Year


Scientific Program