Welcome Letter

Dr. Igal Gozlan,
Chairman of the

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in ISRANALYTICA 2017, The 20th Annual Meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society.

The Conference and Exhibition will take place on January 24 & 25, 2017, in the David Intercontinental Hotel, in Tel-Aviv, Israel. ISRANALYTICA was established as one of the biggest Israeli scientific conferences. The conference this year is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague, Prof. Eli Grushka, a prolific and renowned scientist, one of the founders of the ISRANALYTICA, who passed away this year.

In the recent years, ISRANALYTICA has achieved major successes and has become the most prestigious analytical chemistry meeting, and by far the largest chemistry conference in Israel, accompanied by the largest exhibition. ISRANALYTICA has become and been recognized as an international Conference, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

More than 3000 participants have attended the recent 2016 ISRANALYTICA meeting, covering the academy, chemical industry, analytical instruments industry, major laboratories and companies in Israel.

More than 70 vendors presented their goods, accompanied by experts representing manufacturers and others. Analytical chemists from all over the world show great interest in this conference.

ISRANALYTICA brings together scientists & chemists from academia, from industries, as well as manufacturers of analytical equipment, who share their works and ideas, and have open professional discussions while enjoying the special atmosphere of the event.  
The scientific program will cover a large variety of topics, including traditional & new analytical chemistry topics. The scientific program is very varied, and allows all participants to find their own Interests.

ISRANALYTICA introduces the latest advances in instrumentation and analytical techniques, accompanied by the manufacturers' experts. The exhibition includes the option of touching the newest analytical instruments, understanding the features of the techniques & the instruments directly from the developers' experts. The exhibition is the largest analytical chemistry exhibition in Israel. It is a great opportunity to meet friends and colleagues, discuss scientific issues and learn about other analytical chemist works. The meeting makes new acquaintances and establishes new scientific alliances.

Your participation in ISRANALYTICA 2017 will make its contribution to the conference. A presentation of a poster, a lecture, as well as exhibiting equipment and instruments, or just attending the conference are very important to the success of the conference.   

Looking forward to seeing you in ISRANALYTICA

Igal Gozlan,
Chairman of the ISRANALYTICA 2017 Conference