Ricardo da SilvaSetting and Using Target Uncertainty in Chemical Measurement

Prof. Ricardo J. N. Bettencourt da Silva is a Researcher of the Centro de Química Estrutural of the University of Lisbon and has been teaching analytical chemistry and metrology in chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. The main topics of his research are metrology and examinology in chemistry, the sciences of quantitative and qualitative evaluations in chemistry respectively. For both kinds of evaluations, detailed measurement and examination models are developed so as to extract reliable and more information from complex systems.

The developed tools have been used to study relevant environmental, food and forensic systems. Ricardo is active in teaching and developing these topics in national and international teaching programs, working groups and forums.
He is co-editor of the recent Eurachem/CITAC guide on ‘Setting and Using Target Uncertainty in Chemical Measurement’. Personal website: