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The Annual International Meeting of
Translational Research on Stem Cells, Cell Therapy
and Regenerative Medicine in Industry and Academia
 In collaboration with
 ISCS iati


Exhibition topics:

  • Reagents, media and tools for tissue culture
  • Specialty reagents and antibodies for cell separation
  • Molecular tools for stem cell research
  • Bioreactors and cell expansion tools
  • Imaging and tracing of cells
  • Translational research services
  • GMP development and manufacturing
  • Biobanking and insurance
  • Clinical studies and regulatory services
  • Intellectual property services
  • Funding and business development
  • Publications and media
  • Biotech, incubators and pharmaceutical companies
  • Academic and medical centers technology transfer companies
  • Government and international agencies

And any other relevant topic.


For more information please contact Bioforum at or by phone: 08-9313070