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The Annual International Meeting of
Translational Research on Stem Cells, Cell Therapy
and Regenerative Medicine in Industry and Academia
 In collaboration with
 ISCS iati

Israstem 2014 - Key Speakers

Dr. Anthony Atala, MD

Atala photoRegenerative Medicine: Current Concepts and Changing Trends

Anthony Atala, MD
Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

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Special Session Meet the Regulator


Current Regulatory Topics in Europe

Dr. Ilona Reischl
Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, AGES/MEA
50px-Flag of Austria.svg

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Robert Peter Gale, MD PhD, DSc(hon), FACP

RPG Photo currentAre hematopoietic stem cells really stem cells? 

DR. Robert Gale
Department of medicine, imperial college London, London, UK

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Prof. Jeanne F. Loring

Jeanne F LoringStem cell genomics and therapy for neurodegenerative disease

Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine
Department of Chemical Physiology
California Campus, USA

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Dr. Stephen Minger

Stephen MingerInnovating Preclinical Drug Discovery & Human Cell Therapy

Global Head of Research and Development for Cell Technologies
GE Healthcare Life Sciences, UK

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Prof. Silviu Itescu

Photo Silviu Itescu MesoblastRigorous Translation of Stem Cell Science to Clinical Reality

Chief Executive
Mesoblast, Australia
australia flag

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Vincenzo Iaconianni

VincenzoThe Implementation of an International Accreditation Process in a Stem Cell Laboratory

Founder and CEO Exem Consulting SA

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