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TinaSenior Vice President, Science—Compendial Science
USP- United States Pharmacopeia, USA

USP Reference Standards – Recent Developments and Future High Impact Topics

Tina Morris, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President, Science—Compendial Science, for USP.  She leads USP’s overall compendial science and architecture strategy, including USP’s General Chapter development, as well as International Pharmacopeial Collaboration and Harmonization activities. As part of USP’s up-to-date efforts, she leads a cross-functional effort at USP aimed at continuously improving USP’s science and policy approaches. Previously, Dr. Morris led USP’s Global Biologics department. Prior to joining USP in 2003, Dr. Morris held positions at a number of biotechnology companies in the areas of analytical development for biologics and biotechnology products--particularly mass spectrometry and recombinant protein characterization. Dr. Morris holds several U.S. patents in the areas of virology and mass spectrometry assay development. Dr. Morris completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health and earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Virology from the University of Lübeck, Germany. She is the author of many publications in peer-reviewed journals and a frequent speaker at national and international scientific conferences